Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Earth Song

Earth Song, is the sound of Quartz Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks set to the song of the earth as recorded by Voyager. The frequency of the notes used in this recording are based on research done by Hans Cousto author of “The Cosmic Octave”. The tones represent, an Earth Year, an Earth Day, an Earth Platonic year, the New and Full Moon and the frequency of the Sun.In the beginning of the recording – The crystal bowls start off with the Earth Year and the New Moon / Full Moon toning back and forth. That is how the Earth is traveling through space with the Moon by its side.Singing back and forth to each other they journey through the 25,920 year procession of the Platonic year. Towards the middle of the recording we hear the frequencies of the Earth Day, Platonic Year and Sun tones.
The Sun and Platonic year are expansive on the edge of other systems beyond ours. As the Earth transports us through the depths of space we continue to hear in the background the notes of the Moon and the Earth singing back and forth to each other. As the recording ends the Earth and Moon are sustained in their cosmic duet … the last crystal tone played is C# which is the sound of Earth Year… Ohm… the never ending sound current.

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